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College Coaches – Personalize Your Recruiting

As many of you know, the tool that NCSA uses to deliver qualified prospects to your inbox for free is the “Scouting Report.”  When we designed the Scouting Report, our goal was to include everything a college coach might need to effectively pursue a student-athlete and stand out from all the other coaches.

What does the Scouting Report Include?  Videos, personal info, stat info, scholastic info, athletic history, club and camp info, transcripts, personal statements, references and schedules…. Almost Everything!

Using the Scouting Report you could:

– Customize your message based around a personal statement from the recruit about what they are looking for in a school…and you can tell them how your school fits their preferences!

– Congratulate a prospect for earning an A in calculus last semester

– Reference the name of the high school coach and ask the coach to contact you personally

– Use the recruit’s parents names to see how they are doing and show a higher level of personalization

– Collect valuable contact information for future recruiting efforts (phone numbers, email addresses, etc)

– Comment on the second play of their higlight video and how you loved their footwork!

The list goes on and on…Below is an image of different parts of the Scouting Report:


Below we have included a few “samples” of  example NCSA Scouting Reports filled with fake information to protect the private information contained in each Report.  If you are unfamiliar with this tool, check out a few examples and find out how you can use them to personalize your message.

Basketball Example

Football Example

Soccer Example

In order to learn more about how NCSA can help you with recruiting, contact NCSA VP of Recruiting Operations, Lisa Strasman, at:

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