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Ask Coach Taylor – Do Ivy League Schools Offer Athletic Scholarships?

Do Ivy League Schools Offer Athletic Scholarships?

Ivy League schools only award financial aid according to financial need, not athletic or academic ability. Ivy League schools have very high standards for acceptance and they do not give out financial awards after acceptance for anything other than family need. Ivy League coaches can, however, help student-athletes gain acceptance with academic qualifications that are much lower than the average applicant. It is important to note that this preferential treatment through the admissions process is not given to all athletes but only to those who a coach is seriously recruiting. Ivy League schools do have very aggressive financial aid programs so I recommend that families never turn down an opportunity to pursue an Ivy League education until they have reviewed their final financial aid package. Do not be afraid of the sticker price. If you are accepted to an Ivy League school, especially if you have a coach as an ally, they will work with your family to try to make it affordable for you to attend. There are several techniques you can use to help you leverage the negotiation process.

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Aaron Sorenson


  • My daughters boy was recruited by Harvard they are big time liars just like some of there most favorite proment alumni, they turned Kevin O’Brien QB down with a 3.6 grade average, he gave up many chances to play where he belonged in D-3 and said the hell with it and quit football.

    I called a coach at Columbia did not know they were Ivy league, if I did I would have never called, the first thing he said is DO I NO YOU, my response was this is not going very well if you only speak to people WHO NO YOU, then I told rember Sir that I started this conversation with do you have time to talk about an athlete.

    He then blurted out to me in a LOUD VOICE Whats his SAT I told him 870 He told me to call him back when it was double that.

    I doubt that Columbia will win any it’s games with a coach who has a minus personality of a wort hog.

    That man was without a doubt the rudes coach in America

  • RE: George Taylor Says: October 21st, 2009 at 6:31 pm
    Your credibility is close to zero.
    1)What parent can’t spell the word “know ” (as in your comment “DO I NO YOU” WHO NO YOU” ). And the word is rudest, not “rudes”.
    2)What is wrong with the coach asking if he knows you? That is a logical starting point for a cold call from a stranger.
    3)An SAT score of 870 is extremely weak. An average score is considered to be approximately 1500, so an Ivy League school is not likely to be a good fit for someone who can not compete academically.

  • Mike M. – Just grow up, will ya?

    Just because George Taylor wasn’t as erudite as you, he is worth trashing?

    Sure, go after his linguistic skills, rather than the points that he makes – nice touch…feel good about that?

    And by the way, an “average score” on the SATs is about 1000 – nobody cares about the Writing portion of the exam. My niece is currently playing a sport at an Ivy and she got an 1150 on her SATs – not quite double that 870, now is it?

    George Taylor was relating his bad experience with an incredibly rude and boorish coach, and you just extended that experience.

    Hey George that Columbia guy may be the rudest coach in America, but Mike M. is the biggest dolt!

  • Still don’t get why they don’t give athletic money. They have the money and it would let them compete in football and basketball.

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