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Ask Coach Taylor – When Should I Send College Coaches Information

Coach Taylor – My son is a freshman in high school and is starting freshman and jv football.  When should I start giving colleges a summary on how he  is doing statistically and how should I go about it?

It is never too early to start thinking about recruiting. Your son should start building his scouting report, researching schools and educating himself about the recruiting process right away if he has not already done so. Generally, college football coaches will only evaluate players with varsity experience however there are some exceptions. By properly preparing for the recruiting process now, your son will set himself up for success so he can have a head start as soon as coaches are ready to evaluate him.

Remember that if you send the college coaches information about your son prematurely, it might eliminate his name from their list.  Once you have recieved an objective evaluation that indicates your son qualifies for a school, I encourage you to send an online recruiting resume to the coach through email and follow up with a call.

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  • Typically, the best time to start sending info out to college coaches is once you have quality varsity video. This way a college coach can evaluate your student-athlete with the best competition and get an accurate assessment of his skills.

  • hello iam from mexico i play volleyball i have played at state finals, and i also swim i can swim every stroke!!!

  • Coach, I have a son who is a Senior this year; all State/District/County last year w/144 total tackles at DT. W/3 games left to go he is currently ranked 2nd in State w/133 tackles averaging 19.5 per game at MLB. 6′ – 210 lbs, 4.8 forty how do we get him on the radar? He is ranked by rivals at 5.2 with 2 stars, desires to play at the next level firece competitor also wrestles at State level at 215 lbs. Registered Clearinghouse and featured on CSAPREPSTAR please advise. Disaffected and fatigued with this unknown process.

  • Eric – Go here for the evaluation:

  • College scholarships are a waste! These kids are not compensated near enough for the 4 – 5 years they give these colleges. If you consider the time and expense most kids incur preparing for college sport you could practically pay college tuition. Screw these colleges and their sports programs! The degree they able to obtain are worthless compared to a curiculam they could handle without sports. I would encourage them to pay for college and consider pro sports if they really have the talent. College sporrs do very little to prepare them for pro sports.

  • jim medley – When a young man or woman graduates from college without having $100,000 in student loans because they played a sport, then college scholarships are clearly not a waste. Here are a few more FACTS to consider: 1) A student-athlete learns the value of teamwork, time-management skills, hard work in pursuit of a common goal, and how to work through adversity, making them extremely valuable to employers. 2) Employers will hire the college graduate who doesn’t have a great deal of debt. 3) A greater percentage of athletes graduate on time than non-athletes. 4) The point of college athletics is educational, not to become a pro. Less than 1% of all college athletes turn pro. Finally, your last statement is completely off base. Just look at the percentage of pro players in the 3 main sports who competed at the collegiate level. That’s a by-product of the quality of competition, not because that’s the goal. I’m glad you’re reading these posts and I trust the education you gain here will ameliorate your evident and embarrasing lack of knowledge.

  • I hope I haven’t ruin his chances. I completely mis-understood contact coaches as early as possible “only if your son plays varsity”

  • I am a guy like in his years of child alwayshope that i could be able to play for some college and i need some help to make my future of high education i live by my self in here that’s why i like to get some kind of scholarship and in the same time play my favorite sport as soccer. playing for college also i be able to play for some professional team.

  • Quick question. My son is coming off what he believes is a sub par year at a d1 school. He received an athletic scholarship there and is worried the coach won’t renew at the end of the year. Can a college coach choose not to renew an athletic scholarship based on athletic performance? Thanks