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What NCSA Commits are Saying About College Life…

I wanted to share some feedback I received from several NCSA basketball athletes that are getting ready for their first college basketball season to start.

“Its perfect the only big change is strength but I have been in the weight room.”

“So far things are going fine. Preseason practices started 10 days ago and it looks like I’ll have a pretty good chance to play as a freshman.”

“NYU is great! I’ve had a very smooth transition thus far. Pre-season work outs have been very challenging, but manageable. I couldn’t be happier here at NYU. I absolutely love my team and the school! I can’t wait for the real season to start. Thanks for all your help getting me here!”

“College life I going good so far. It definitely is a huge step up from high school but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. Conditioning has been really tough but I know it will help me in the long run. All of my teamates are really cool we all hang out with each other and look after one another.”

“Everything has been going fine since I began class here at Austin College. We have 6 a.m conditioning 3 times a week and we have an open gym where the basketball team runs 5on5 3 times a week for right now.”

“I will say that college is totally different from high school. But I love it; still adjusting though. I have actually been red shirted due to a knee injury. Conditioning is brutal but awesome! We have been having 2-a-days which are killer. Again I can’t thank you guys enough for everything you have done for me!”

“Conditioning has been very hard, they are pushing us to our breaking point. There is a bunch of stories, I have a great roommate, who I found out also is with NCSA.”

“Hey, school is great, we just finished conditioning today. We have been conditioning for about 3 weeks now we lift and do plyos from 630 to 800 on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays we play for a couple of hours and then we have to shoot two days a week on top of that. Its really tough but I’m seeing serious gains and I think the team is looking really good. I’m extremely happy with how everything is going.”

“Everything is going great so far. Conditioning is obviously pretty tough, but I love it. I’m having fun with the guys.”

“So far college has been good. It was a little different at first but I’m finally getting used to it. Conditioning is going good.. I don’t think I have ever ran this much in my life (lol), but I like it because I know I’m going to be in shape.”

“College has been going great. Conditioning is going great as well. I am almost over my homesickness and starting to get into the groove of college life.”

“I have been a little busy out here. But I had a pretty smooth transition from high school and college is great. Conditioning is a little harder then I expected it to be at the begining but I am getting used to it now.”

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