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Take Control of Your Recruiting

One of my fond memories from the Speaking Trail this year was delivering College Recruiting Simplified at Traverse City West High School two days before Thanksgiving. Over 150 parents and athletes came to the Talk, showing that people want and need recruiting education. It was a great audience and we covered a lot in about 50 rip roaring minutes!

While in Traverse City, I picked up a copy of the local newspaper and read about a young man who I think is a tremendous role model on what attitude, goal setting, and work ethic can lead to in life. I saved the article so I could share part of it with you to inspire you in recruiting.

Max Bullough is a senior football player at St. Francis High in Traverse City. The newspaper story in the Traverse City Record-Eagle was about him being named Player of the Year in the area.

As a junior, he committed to Michigan State where he will major in Finance. More and more kids are committing earlier and earlier as recruiting has accelerated in recent years.

Bullough has carried a 3.9 GPA in High School. Early on he knew that being outstanding in football and academics would help him stand out in recruiting.

“I set my goals early, and I set them high, so I knew what I was reaching for,” he told Dennis Chase of the Associated Press.

Bullough has been blessed with God given height and weight (6-4, 230) but not exceptional athletic ability. What he didn’t have there, he made up for with a ferocious work ethic.

“I am not the most athletic person in the world. I can’t control that. But I can control how hard I work.”

Bullough’s HS Football coach, Greg Vaughan, had this to say about him: “He’s academic All-State. He works hard. He’s in the weight room first. He’s out to practice first. Everything he does, and it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, he’s going as hard as he possibly can. Of all the talented kids I’ve been around, he’s by far the hungriest, most driven and hardest working.”

I encourage young people to read his quotes and and follow his approach. When the best player on the team is also the hardest worker, the most humble, and the most goal oriented, you have the recipe for an awesome college sports prospect. Part of being a recruitable college athlete is developing the attitudes and mindsets of this young man. As we head towards 2010, challenge yourself to be as determined and hard working as Max Bullough.

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