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Why You Should Consider The Junior College Option.

As a former collegiate athlete, this was the path I chose. I started my college career at South Suburban College in Illinois and transferred to St. John’s University in New York, where I played basketball.

If you are a senior, I urge you to look into this option, especially if you feel like you are settling with the 4-year program that sits on the top of your list.

If you are a junior or an underclassmen, I recommend that when you communicate with college coaches at 4-year institutions, if they tell you they are done with recruiting your graduating class or position, you should ask if you attended a junior college for one or two years, would they still recruit you and have spot on their team for your position.

Experience comes in so many different forums for college players. The biggest jump for any athlete is from high school to college. This is why so many players take the junior college route—to gain experience.

When a four year program gets a junior college transfer they are getting a player that is polished and is ready to compete. Unlike most high school players who do not hone the skills to step in and make an impact as a freshman.

Not only are players mature physically–they are more mature mentally. One of the biggest successes in a transfer is their character. They will prove it on the road, as well as, on and off the field. Many college coaches have stated that they prefer to take a transfer over a high school freshman.

It also makes “dollars and cents” to attend a junior college. With the cost of attending a University at its highest point and rising, many junior college tuition costs are less than the cost of books for the classes at a 4-year college. It is also very important to understand that you will take the same classes whether you attend a junior college or a 4-year institution for your first two years.

Junior college is not the right fit for everyone. However, junior college is not the black sheep of playing at the next level. Happy Hunting!

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Aaron Sorenson

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  • I am choosing a junior college because i don’t have the GPA and grades that quaifies me to play in D1 university schools. Right now snow college in Utah is talking to me and thinking about offering me a scholarship. My plans are to start at junior college and work hard academically and on the field, then i can transfer to a D1 or D2 university to play fotball.