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Real Recruiting Letters – Sample #7

Letter from Coach, Sample #7

“Dear Brian:

Thank you for your interest in our program. We feel that the history of our program is truly unique. We have produced thirteen All-Americans and made ten NCAA appearances, including two trips to the Final Four. If you continue to have an interest in our program, please return the enclosed player questionnaire. Again, thank you for your interest, and best of luck in the recruitment process.


Coach Anderson”

What this letter means, and how a student-athlete should respond:

Brian hasn’t made much of an impression. Nothing has been said about evaluating him in the future. The student received a response and profile form because admissions departments frown on college coaches who ignore prospective students. The intent of this letter could be to discourage the athlete from continuing to seek recruitment from this school. If he is still interested, he should fill out the form and hope that something he writes will make an impression. He should also call the coach and ask specific questions about how he can increase his likelihood of being recruited. He should also start connecting with other coaches who might make more of an effort to evaluate him.

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