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Coach Taylor – Camp and Combine Webcast

In case you were unable to watch live last night, check out Coach Taylor’s webcast about “The Recruiting Realities of Camps and Combines.”

Getting verified results from combines can be critical in the recruiting process, but the key is to make sure your measureables get in front of college coaches through trusted online sources.

If you want to get the most recruiting value out of your camp and combine experience, call the NCSA Scouting Center at 866-579-6272 or click here.

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Aaron Sorenson


  • I would have him attend one or two now for the experience. He can see where he stands against other prospects and find out what to improve on.

    Remember there are camps (3rd party camps and college run camps) and combines. The camp features sport skills and the combine tests speed, quickness, etc.

  • Great question! When i was a freshman i attended about four camps… but i only attended camps at schools that i was interested in and who i thought i had a chance to play for. It really helped down the line as the anxiety you show while trying to perform well in front of a college coach turns into them being able to see what kind of person you really are and how well you perform on the field.

  • Coach Taylor:
    Your webcast provided a lot of great information. Thank you. In the webcast, you mentioned that coaches can not view camp or combine video of a student-athlete. Can a student-athlete include video of an individual workout or a workout with a trainer on his highlight video?

  • Michael-

    The thing to remember on workout, combine or camp video (anything not shot by the high school of a high school event) is this – if it is available for anyone to watch, like on youtube, etc. anyone can watch it including college coaches. If there is a fee to watch or not available for all to watch skills or workout type tapes then it is not allowed for college coaches.

    Also, if a skills tape is made for the purpose of sending to or making available to a college coach this would be a problem for the college coach based on the NCAA’s rule unless it was available to everyone coach or not. And I don’t think that means any coach can ask for it, the general public must be able to see it.

  • I am a sophmore in high school, I live in alaska is it harder for me to be recruited because of my location? and what should I do to get me name out there to D1 and D2 schools to call me?

  • Brian-

    Being in Alaska does make it harder but not impossible. It’s important that you are very organized and proactive. Start immediately by determining what level you can play and then target those schools and contact them with your bio information, academic information and video ASAP.

    I know Tom Lemming is coming to Alaska this spring. We can help you get your name to him.

  • Javon-

    Just today we put up some information on our website regarding some camps and combines. Check out –

    Good luck!!