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NCSA Success Story – Trevor Spaulding – Elmhurst College

I would highly reccomend NCSA. The tools such as the coach calls are very beneficial. I hopped on a call one night with the Elmhurst coach just to hear about the recruiting process and what college coaches look for and little did I know I found the school I ended up at. The way NCSA makes your report and your profile really gives you a platform for colleges to see you and start contacting you. I had many coaches regularly calling me and emailing me along with sending mail. If you have the desire to play at the next level and put in the work NCSA will elevate you above the rest of the normal high school athletes and get you looked at. I had numerous NAIA and D2 athletic offers however I decided to go to Elmhurst based on the great education, the beautiful facilities, and the classy, personable people. I would say you have to get out and visit at least three of your top schools that you are considering so you can get a good fit for where you belong but NCSA has done great things for me and I’m sure it would for you. I’m leaving the great state of Texas and going to play in Elmhurst, Il.

Trevor Spaulding 2010 kicker

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