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Do you Know how Many Scholarships are Available?

Most athletes grow up with visions of a “full scholarship.”  Unfortunately, that type of scholarship opportunity is only available to a small percentage of the athletes who will play collegiate athletics.

Do you know how many scholarships are available at each division level for your sport?

Click here to download a quick guide of scholarship opportunities at each sport broken down by division.

As always, we encourage you to pass this along to anyone you think might find it helpful!

P.S.  When reading the chart, keep in mind how many athletes are on each team.  Are there enough “full rides” to go around?

If you want to maximize your athletic scholarship potential, click here.

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  • I understand that scholarship are available for Men’s soccer.I would like to get scholarship for Men’s soccer in you’re College.My qulification match with the soocer game in my position as the right wing.I played in school team for 4 years.But l did’t have any one to push me foward in order to grade my talent. l would like to say that if l will get this scholarship, l think l will accomplish my dream as to become proffesional player.So, it my hope that you would consider as the part of scholarship for Men’s soccer.

  • hey my name ousmane …soccer is my life ….my school didnt have a soccer team …but i have the skill to be a pro soccer player ….with a help to go to a great college will help me accomplish my dream

  • Coach Taylor, regarding the numbers listed in the table, is that per class or per program total? Secondly, how many Div. I, Div IAA, etc. schools are there. I understand that the numbers on the table are the maximum allowed per sport and that schools can offer fewer scholarships than the numbers posted in the table. Thanks for the information.

  • I have written to you people many times but i find no courage from you. I have been studying on soccerscholarships here in Uganda but now nobody can help me continue with my studies.
    Just help me what can i do in order to join you people so that i can archive my dream of playing football as a professional.

  • The first things any school looks at before they ever consider your talent are your grades and your test scores. If you cannot write in complete sentences with proper grammar and correct spelling, you need to think about a future outside of college athletics. If you are the greatest soccer player in your state but read at a 6th grade level with SAT scores in the 800’s, there are plenty of fast food restaurants who would love to give you a paid education in thier kitchen. Study hard, get great grades and score high on your SAT’s and maybe you will get INTO college first, then you can talk about your scholarship. Remember the word is “scholarship” not “talent”. You need both in todays environment to get any type of financial aid at any type of college or university…if you cant make the grades…well…that’s what JUCO is for.

  • Hey! i was just concerning about basketball, because i want a great opportunity to have a great carrier. I also, would like to talk to a basketball coach so i can really talk personal. So thanks for sending me a response back.

  • Hi, my name is mohammed and i am really good at football. I hope to play with one of the best teams, that’s why i wanted your guys help. PLEASE!!!!!!!
    to get to my dreame

  • Hey there , my name is javier cervantes jr im a point guard who really wants a chance to prove himself up agianst the big boys and i now that i have the talent to play college and go pro but need the help financially to accomplish my goals Thank You………………

  • Coach Taylor,

    I am currently a two sport athelete. football and baseball. my question is , should I concentrate on one sport or continue to do both. I love both equally but being a LHP feel that my chances are better in baseball. as far as getting a scholarship, whats your oppinion ?

  • This is my 12th year, in total, of playing softball,but I’m only playin J.V.
    Will I still be looked at even if I’m not on Varsity?

  • Kevin – Keep playing both sports if you love them both. Getting a scholarship depends on a long list of factors. You should meet with a national scout who will be able to tell you the best way to go for scholarship money. Have your parents call 866-579-6272 to set that up.

  • Destiny – only 6 out of every 100 high school softball players get a chance to play in college. Do you think college coaches look at non-varsity players?

  • I am a uprising senior, I’m a student athlete and i have different colleges looking at me and i didnt recieve any scholarships yet so i want to accomplish this dream by asking you all for some help

  • All 85 D1-A scholarships cover books, room & board, tuition, associated student fees for each year a player is on scholarship. All scholarships are reviewed and renewed on an annual basis. At the D1-AA, D2, NAIA, and Juco level, the athletic scholarships are not required to cover all expenses. At the D3 level, there are no athletic scholarships. There is, of course, financial aid at all of these levels tied to academics. So it’s real important that a student-athlete earns the best grades they can. The higher their GPA the more academic money a college coach at D1-AA, D2, D3, and NAIA can find for that student-athlete.

  • I realized that most HBCUs in the two major conferences, MEAC, SWAC are Division 1AA in football and Division 1 in other sports, how many Division 1AA schools and are there with scholarships allotments the same as to the HBCUs.

  • Harold – There are a total of 118 D1-AA college football programs. Each school is allowed a maximum of 63 athletic scholarships for football. Not all schools provide athletic scholarships though. For example, the Ivy League plays at the D1-AA level but they offer zero in athletic scholarships. They do offer substantial financial aid. That aid is equal to all incoming students – not just student-athletes.

  • Hi my name is Agena I run track in shea high school I live in pawtucket . Am writing your because am really fast and I want to go to college but i cant afford it so I really need a scholarship please write me back

  • Agena – Have your parens/guardians call 866-579-6272 to schedule a meeting with a national scout track.

  • Keith – Your table for scholarships did not include women’s crew. Any ideas on the totals because my daughter got into a very competitive school with her promise to row? The only thing is she has never rowed before and there was no mention of money, is there money out there for her second year?

  • Joyce – Every college has different funding “buckets”. Since your daughter has been accepted to that school, now is the time for her to be asking the crew coach about funding student-athletes at her university. She can ask specific questions about where the funding comes from, if it’s based on academics, what is already allocated for sophomore year, what kind of athletic and academic performance the coach is looking for, etc. If the university competes at the D3 level, there will be no athletic scholarship money available. Your daughter should also ask the coach who she works with in the financial aid department so she can ask those questions of that person also. I hope this helps. Congratulations to your daughter for being accept to that very competitive school.

  • hi coach taylor my name is Victoria. I have been running track since i was in the 9th grade. I have made it to the mississippi state track meet every year in multiple events. I wanted to talk to you about scholarship offers even though i have been offered 2 of them. I am a graduate of 2010 also.could you please email me back at

  • hi coach Taylor, I just want to know how can I get in to your swimming schoolarship. I will be in 9th great next year. I am a Fijian and I have been swimming for more than 3 years, and now I am starting to represent my country in competing overseas. I just came back from Samoa, we had a swimming Champ called OCEINIA, which include Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, etc…. and they did extremely well.. unlike us we don’t have a qualify coach to coach us. We start form basic.. I believe that I can get more chance if I have the oppotunity to come an study and train in the USA…. I hope that you will have time to look at my request.

  • hi coach, my name is alex. i like to play soccer but there is not soccer team in my college.but i’m international student and then i’d like to transfert to another college who i could play soccer with a good team . i would like to know , if is it possible for international students to have scholarship with the soccer team? thank you to answer and God bless you

  • My daughter has been asked by a Div I school to be on the roster for 2011. This is great because they are Champions of their Conference. The coach is new this year and claims to have no money to offer athletic scholorships for 2011, but she will have the opportunity to earn it for the next year. Is this common because of the economy? She really likes the coaches, team, and school and it offers the education she wants. It’s a state school so tuition isn’t as high and she’s a good student so she will receive academic money, but she was really hoping to receive athletic money as well. Should we hold out for athletic scholorship? She’s an above average player, but hasn’t had all the advantages to play regional and national games. She’s had several coaches she has been on the wrong teams, but just didn’t want to move from her club coach. Can you please tell us realistically her chances of getting a full ride would be? She was wanting to hold out until after the tournaments in November and I feel like the Div. 1 at the school she wanted to go to won’t wait that long for her decision.

  • kmc2130,
    If your daughter doesn’t have any offers on the table right now from a DI school…the reality is: she’s not going to get one. Matter of fact it sounds like she may be a walk-on/practice player there.

    #1) Most DI schools already have their commitments for 2011 (called early signing period) which they will sign in late Oct early Nov.
    #2) Full ride? no such thing! (go to and read what’s being offered in a scholarship) Tution, room & board: for the 1st year and it can be taken away the next year. Hold out you can…maybe a DII school can make an offer late in the spring. Nothing wrong with DII or DIII schools!!!
    #3) If shes happy then why hold out? It’s all about where she feels happy.

    Just trying to help. I see so many parents lost and perplexed about the process. It is a dirty game, and most think their child is a DI caliber athlete and don’t understand the different levels (DII, DIII, NAIA etc.).

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  • My daughter is a Varsity Lacrosse player. Can you provide names of colleges that have D11 and D111 Lax not sure she would make a D1 school her GPA is a 3.0 but needs to work on SAT and ACT prep.

  • Why do you not include Rowinhg in your list of scholarship opportunities? With 20 D1 girls athletic scholarships offered it is second only to Football.

  • Is this referring to as you say “full ride” scholarship opportunities or all scholarships?

  • Is this referring to as you say “full ride” scholarship opportunities or all scholarships?