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Coach Taylor- Should I Simply Use a Coach’s Email Address from the Team Website?

Ask Coach Taylor – Should I simply get a coach’s email address from the website and send them an email? Should I email all the coaches?

Although I strongly encourage every recruit to be as proactive as possible, you have to keep in mind that most recruits will approach the process with this strategy. Simply sending emails will not always get you the looks you need to be evaluated. You really need to look for ways to stand out. Ask yourself, “why will this coach look at and answer my email versus the countless others their receiving?”

Also, depending on the sport, it will be critical that you approach the right coach. Far too often recruits send info to the head coach and it never gets looked at due to it being unsolicited material or the coach just doesn’t have enough time. I would recommend identifying the recruiting coordinator or even better, the coach that is responsible for recruiting your region.

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