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Coaches Corner with Coach Henry at Gannon University Wrestling

Don Henry is a senior member of the Gannon Athletic Department, now entering his 26th season as the head wrestling coach. Henry was hired in 1984 to resurrect a Golden Knight wrestling program that had been discontinued since 1971. Henry’s work ethic and love of wrestling has elevated the Gannon program from its infancy to one that is now one of the best in Division II.

1. How would you describe yourself as a coach? Lead by example, love to compete.

2. What’s unique about the experience at your school? We are a small private Catholic University. We offer outstanding academic programs in selective areas.

3. What do recruits need to know about you? I still get on the mat hands on teacher coach, love to compete at everything, will challenge you to exceed your expectations.

4. What do you look for in recruits? I am looking for they type of wrestler who has something to prove, not someone who has already accomplished everything he desired

5. What is the one thing every recruit needs to do with the recruiting process? Make contact with coaches at the schools they are looking at, Keep those coaches updated on your season. Eliminate the schools that do not offer the academic programs they are looking for, or do not have the wrestling atmosphere they are looking for.

6. What sort of questions do you really like to hear from recruits? How do you choose your starting line up? Can I still get good grades and wrestle.

7. What turns you off when you’re recruiting a student athlete? Lack of interest, excitement or eye contact.

8. What do you think your program is the most successful at? Combining academic and athletics. We graduate at a high rate, get good jobs.

9. Why should a recruit consider your program? They will not be a number or just a work out partner, We have a very wrestler friendly schedule, ie lots of tournaments ,

10. If a recruit is interested in your program, how should they reach out to you? E-mail is best.

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