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Your Recruiting Success Story – Matt Acey

Things got real interesting after signing day. I had about 7 offers from Division II and NAIA schools and the Coaches were still calling. I really thought I wanted to go to one school and was mad at my mom for buying me an air ticket to go and check out another school. Right before I left for that visit, I got an email from NCSA saying Stony Brook in NY, a D1AA school, was looking for Tackles. Apparently their commit fell through. I left for my visit just feeling like I could not even consider yet another school. When I got back from my visit, I was certain I had, again, found my school and did not even want to look at Stony Brook online. I was getting a lot of pressure from a couple of schools to sign. I received a threat from one coach stating if I got on a plane to NY, he would pull his offer. In speaking with people I trusted, including a Coach from a Jr. College with no vested interest, I decided I had to check out Stony Brook. I started out online and was very impressed. By the time I spoke with the head Coach, Chuck Priore, I was ready to go check it out in person. So, I did lose the one offer, and things were very stressful for about three weeks because of the timing to get out to NY. I would strongly encourage recruits to hang tough. Don’t let anyone bully you into signing. Check out all your options and keep in mind, you have to do what’s right for you, not the Coaches. You gotta be tough. Saying no can be rough, especially when you’ve established relationships. Passing up signing day can be risky. Ultimately, you’ll know when it’s right.

Thanks NCSA, that last minute email that has changed my life. I’ll red-shirt as Stony Brook and look forward to playing Right Tackle in the years ahead.

Matt Acey

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