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Will You Make Me A Better Player?

NCSA Coaches Corner takes a look into the Golf  program at Centenary College of Louisiana with Coach Emlyn Aubrey – check it out below:

1. How would you describe yourself as a coach?

Fun and laid back, but driven to get the best out of my players.

2. What is unique about the experience at your Centenary College?

We are a small college with a big atmosphere and excellent academics

3. What do recruits need to know about you?

I played professional golf for 22 years with 18 being the PGA Tour and Nationwide Tours

4. What do you look for in recruits?

Good kids who want and appreciate a good education, love golf and want to improve everyday-not because they feel like they have to

5. What is the one thing every recruit needs to do with the recruiting process?

Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse

6. What sort of questions do you really like to hear from recruits?

Campus life, available majors, golf facilities, “will you make me a better player?” etc.

7. What turns you off when you are recruiting a student athlete?

Not telling me they are not interested.

8. What do you think your program is the most successful at?

Not only turning kids into better golfers but better people

9. Why should a recruit consider your program?

We have a small intimate setting on campus with a big feel to it. Small teacher to student ratio. Award winning academics. 6 golf courses to play and practice on. The coach’s playing experience

10. If a recruit is interested in your program, how should they reach out to you?

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