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Do You Have a Recruiting Checklist?

Every athlete needs a game plan for recruiting success.  Unfortunately, most recruits are unsure which steps to take and when to take them.  We have developed a comprehensive Recruiting Checklist for athletes broken down by age to make sure whether you are just starting as a Freshmen or nearing the end as a Senior, you know what to do!

Download the checklist below to make sure you are taking all the right steps!

Freshmen Recruiting Checklist

Sophomore Recruiting Checklist

Junior Recruiting Checklist

Senior Recruiting Checklist

If you feel like you might be falling behind, call the NCSA Recruiting Team at 866-579-6272!

P.S. Be sure to share this with anyone who might find the checklist helpful.

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Aaron Sorenson


  • Lauren is going into her senoir year of golf. We would like to update with NCSA and speak with her recruiting coach.


  • Hi Lauren: Call 877-845-6272 between 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM CT Mon – Thur or 8:30 – 5:30 on Friday.

  • what can i do if imma be a frosh in college? i know its too late to be recruited for frosh year, but how about soph??

  • After going through the process this year with our son in soccer two things from the recruiting process stands out. First, if your son or daughter is not in one of the big sports make sure they are playing in the highest level of club sports as possible. If they can make the top level clubs they should be able to make a Div 1 or Div 11. Second, start the recruiting process as early as possible, this provides so many more options!

  • My son played one year of junior college basketball. He plan to just go to college and work on improving his grades this year. My question to you would be will he still have three years of eligibility to play college basketball.

  • My name is Ja’Halen and I am a graduating Senior/Class of 2010 at Desoto High School. I am glad to be affiliated with NCSA Athletic Recriting and I am vested. I have good grades, a DB (safety) for the Desoto Eagles, and I am aspiring to attend college with academics and athletic capabilities! I appreciate NCSA as a great tool to further my success.

  • Kervyn is now in his senor year of high school basketball. We would like to update with NCSA and speak with her recruiting coach.

  • Suggestions for helping your son (a junior) when he’s playing in a top AAU ball club but his high school coach is bad-mouthing him to college coaches making recruiting calls? Have already checked to see if what the HS coach is saying could be true, but it’s only about 1/10 – rest seems to be pure maliciousness. Other assistant coaches and teammates feel my son is getting the bad end. My son wants me to keep quiet because he’s afraid confronting the coach directly or through the school board will make things even worse for him. He went from starting last year to be being fourth post this year (season starts next week). We were receiving recruiting mail by the handsful until a couple months ago–now it’s down to just three schools. I’m watching him get very depressed. HELP!

  • I haven’t been in competitive sports since graduating from high school, but play lots of sports in the community, such as cross country/track, football kicking, soccer, ice hockey, and basketball. Is there any way I can be recruited for any of these sports such as for Juco, NAIA, NCAA D-III, or D-II, or ACHA Hockey, plus work out frequently, I’m 24 years old, hope I can still commit to college program for any of these sports, and/or just do semi-pro a cross between the y and semi-pro levels. Hope all is possible with all sports before age sneaks up on me, I would greatly apprecaite an answer from Keith or Coach Taylor.