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How are you Budgeting your Recruiting Time this January?

January is a hectic time for coaches across all sports and division levels. With such limited time, and limited budget many coaches are starting to find creative ways to work more efficiently through their contact lists.  One such way is taking advantage of NCSA’s College Coach Forum.  The College Coach Forum is a conference call or webcast hosted by you with a large group of prospects (100% FREE to both your program and the student-athletes).  In the same time it would take you to call one of your recruits and pitch your program, you can do the same with 25-50 recruits!

A coach from a D3 school in Illinois said after his forum, “Since I did this phone call, it completely changed the way I recruit!  Every time I get back to the office I have multiple voicemails from area codes I don’t recognize.   We’re getting kids from Texas, Tennessee, and California—not bad for a D3 school in Illinois.  We’re taking our recruiting nationwide!”

The CCF gives you a chance to connect with multiple prospects tailored to your preferences.  Whether it be a certain geographical profile, grad class, or any other parameter, NCSA will modify the prospect list to student-athletes you want to recruit.  With such a small window to make an impression on your prospects, and recruiting getting more and more competitive, the smart programs are recruiting more efficiently.

Setup a CCF for January with NCSA by emailing us at the address below:

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