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Ask Coach Taylor – Are Coaches Not Interested If I Don’t Hear From Them After Submitting A Recruiting Questionnaire?

Coach Taylor, what should I do if I have sent an online questionnaire to a school and they haven’t answered me back? Does it mean they just aren’t interested?

Great question, that I’m sure worries a lot of student athletes out there.  No, this does not mean that they are not interested.  Coaches get hundreds of recruiting questionnaires from all over the country every week, so you can imagine what that must be like for a few coaches to sift through to find the good recruits.  What I would suggest you doing, is email the coach(es) with a cover letter that you have drafted up with some stats on it and a link to your recruiting highlight video.  Then add in there somewhere, I recently submitted an online recruiting questionnaire.  This way, they will see your video, be interested, and then go back and find your online submitted questionnaire for further consideration.

Good luck with recruiting!

You can always send your recruiting questions to

You can also get your questions answered directly by contacting an NCSA Recruiting Coordinator at 866-579-6272

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