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Ask Coach Taylor – Should we feel bad about de-committing to a school?

Coach Taylor, Should a kid and/or his Parents feel guilty about de-committing?


When you think about the decision of where to go to college, it’s pretty much a 40-year decision.  This decision you make, will affect your life for most likely the next 40 years.  So if a student athlete verbally commits and then realizes they made the wrong choice, felt pressured, a better school caught their attention, or all of the above, can you blame them for de-committing? No.  Verbal commitments can be broken, so a coach just has to wait until signing day to get it set in stone from an athlete.  High school kids are young and it is understandable if they feel compelled to de-commit.  Do not feel guilty.  The coach may seem very disappointed and make you feel guilty, but this is their job, they will get over it and find a replacement for your de-commit.

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  • The comment regarding the affecting the next 40 years was well put and the parents and student need to bear this in mind.