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Ask Coach Taylor: Recruiting Questionnaires

Coach, last year I filled out a bunch of Recruiting Questionnaires for colleges that I liked.  Shouldn’t the coaches be contacting me right now?

A recruiting questionnaire is simply used, by most schools, to get student-athlete’s information into the program’s database.  It will also usually put an athlete on a mailing list to receive general materials about the school and athletic program.

Just because you filled out an RQ does not mean you have contacted the coach, or that the coach even knows who you are.  If you spoke to a coach, and he or she requested that you fill out an RQ, that means that they want your information in the system for future reference.  If you have not personally contacted the coach, however, an RQ does not accomplish that goal.

There are general guidelines for what recruiting materials to send out to coaches as well as when to send it.  An introductory letter or email is typically the first form of contacting a coach.  Remember that anyone can fill out a recruiting questionnaire.  They are available on many program websites.  Simply filling one of these does not mean you are contacting the coaches, putting yourself on their radar, or that they even know who you are yet.

Success in the recruiting process requires proactivity, reaching out, and diligence.  Start early and get on top of it!

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Aaron Sorenson


  • Coach when a school bring in ahletes for work. What are they looking for in PG. And do having vert high level make difference to coach.

  • Coach Taylor,
    I have heard that some recruits create their own recruiting Questionnaire in a wordfile/pdf and email as attachment to interested schools/coaches. The idea is to save the time of inputting individually at each school.. Is this accepted practice? or should one input manually?

  • Coach Taylor,
    On the web site here i don’t under stand how to change my email address? because my my email is not good for college to look at.

  • I did not complete all of the necessary information, but is in the process of completing all information, just need more time, how will this affect me getting notice by schools?.

  • Jermaine – you can go into your recruiting profile and update your email address, under general information.