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Ask Coach Taylor: Multiple Sport Athletes

Coach, I am a freshman in high school who plays multiple sports.  I am not sure which I want to play in college, should I be only focusing on one through high school?

A coach looking at a high school student- athlete with skill and talent in multiple sports is similar to an employer looking at the resume of a diversely skilled applicant.  Many of the star athletes in college sports were recruited to play multiple sports out high school.  If you can bring many different talents, techniques, and the edge of playing multiple sports to the table, a college coach will likely pick you over a single sport athlete.

One of the main considerations regarding multi-sport athletes is time management.  The athlete must be sure he or she has the time to still succeed academically.  A student-athlete with failing grades will go nowhere.  Also, if the participation in multiple sports weighs down on the athlete physically and mentally, performance can go down in all sports.

If a student-athlete is forced to choose between sports, ALWAYS choose the sport that the athlete loves most.  No matter where he or she ends up playing, college sports is a full time job.  If an athlete chooses to play a sport that he or she does not love, that student-athlete will not have a good experience in the long run.

While competing in multiple sports is highly encouraged while a student-athlete is in high school, it is extremely rare for an athlete to compete in more than one sport at the Division I level.  The best options for a student-athlete hoping to play multiple sports in college are usually at the Division II or III level, or NAIA.

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