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How to Communicate With College Coaches

This webcast was originally broadcast live on June 2, 2011.

Finding Contact Info

Research is the name of the game when it comes to setting up contact with a coach.  Go to the school’s athletic website, find the names and contact info of the coaches for your sport.  Figure out which coach is the recruiting coordinator.  If there is a specific coach that recruits your region, get their information.  Learning as much as you can about the school and program is key even before reaching out.

Email Communications

A solid introductory email is the perfect way to initiate communication with a coach.  Send a link to your recruiting profile and give the coach a brief idea of who you are and why you are interested in that coach’s school.

Phone Calls

A phone call is really the first way to develop a true relationship between coaches and recruits.  Every recruit should prepare extremely well for any call with a coach and have a specific script prepared for the talk.  There are also many tips and strategies, such as standing up and moving around while on the phone… that will help recruits when talking on the phone.


Once a recruit has made contact with a coach and hopefully developed a good relationship, the next form of contact is to visit the school and meet in person.  Meeting the coach is huge for the recruit as it gives the coach a true chance to see the recruit’s personality for real.  Just as phone conversations, every recruit should have a specific list of questions and topics prepared to talk about with a coach.  Coaches are impressed when recruits prepare well for conversations, because it shows the level of interest.

Communication with coaches is a chance to build relationships, to impress coaches, and to show them how invested you truly are in playing in college and playing for their program.  Every recruit should gather as much knowledge as possible when it comes to communicating with college coaches because they only get one chance in the recruiting process. 

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