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NCSA Speaks with Maryann Karinch on How Gymnastics Helped Her Career

In an ongoing series to promote how the benefits of participation in college sports extends beyond the playing field, NCSA and Neil Hayes interviewed Maryann Karinch, who has authored 17 books while also serving as a literary agent for non-fiction projects. She also founded an ebook publishing company called GamePlan Press.

What college or university did you attend?
The Catholic University of America

What college sport did you play?

What are the most important lessons you learned through sports?
Physical discipline, mental focus, appreciation for risk-taking and the value of healthy competition.

How is business like sports?
Succeeding in business is achievable when you bring together careful preparation, passion for doing a great job, and genuine expertise. I would say the same for sports.

How have sports helped you become successful in your field?
In addition to the lessons I cited above — including physical discipline, which contributes to one’s energy and health — I received direct professional benefits because I’ve written a lot about sports, health, and fitness. I have a wonderful professional network that includes world-class athletes who are also successful in business and I draw on their expertise and lessons frequently.

What advice do you have for student-athletes?
Your devotion to sport, health, and competition can yield benefits that are every bit as important to your happiness and career success as anything you study in school. Respect your fellow athletes and keep in mind that they can be very important colleagues of yours in the future, regardless of the fact that they may be entering completely different professional fields.


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