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One Simple Trick to Save Money in Your Recruiting Process

Hopefully you already have your highlight tape. Highlight tapes usually cost around $400. If I spent hard earned money on a highlight tape I would want to make sure it gets not only viewed but viewed by the right college coaches. Shipping costs $5 each tape to send to one school and you need to have 50-100 schools in the mix so you don’t want to send it to everyone. So the tip is: ONLY SEND IT TO COACHES THAT REQUEST IT.

When I get a piece of mail from someone I don’t know that I am not expecting opening the mail is not a high priority. I barely open my bills, and usually wait until I get a disconnection notice until I open something from the power company.

Imagine then, you are Nick Saban or one of his position coaches. They get hundreds of highlight tapes a week sent to their football department? They are overwhelmed with mail from parents, coaches and players all begging to have them watch their highlight tape and give them a scholarship right after watching. So do not waste money sending to an athletic department unless they know about you already. Schools WILL request your highlights if they like you enough. If you fill out enough questionnaires and a good enough athlete that fits that school’s position guidelines they will request footage before they come out and see you play in person.

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