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Former Seahawk Tackles Fitness Industry

As a professional football player, Sam Adams trained year-round and met leaders from the fitness world. He studied the industry before he and his brother Jeremy opened the first of two Gold’s Gyms in the Tacoma and Seattle, Washington, area. As part of an ongoing series meant to promote how the benefits of participation in college sports extends beyond the playing field, NCSA asked the former consensus first-team All-American defensive tackle how playing two college sports paved the way for the success he enjoys today.

What college or university did you attend?
Texas A&M

What college sport did you play?
Track & Field/Football

What are the most important lessons you learned through sports?
The most important lesson I have learned through sports is to play for something bigger than yourself, your teammates.

What did you learn through sports that your formal education did not teach you?
I went to Texas A&M, so I have always felt that I was completely prepared for life on and off the football field.

How is business like sports?
Just like the football field, business is competitive. You have to be able to deal with people in the way they understand and can excel with the information you have given them. Life coaches walk up and down the sidelines everyday.

How have sports helped you become successful in your field?
I’ve been in the fitness industry my whole life. As a professional football player, I played football year-round and trained at clubs during the off-season. During that time, I met many of the pioneers of the fitness industry and knew that one day this was something I was going to do. Then seven years ago, my brother, Jeremy and I opened our first clubs. We applied what we learned from our experiences and from talking with many owners. Now we are business partners and own two Gold’s Gym clubs. We researched the industry together, visited several successful Gold’s Gyms in similar markets and looked for the right fit. In the end, we found Gold’s Gym to be the best.

What advice do you have for student-athletes?
Play to win on and off the field by carving out a clear path for your future with critical thinking, smart and tireless preparation, and a selfless attitude.

“I can see a lot better than I can hear” is the best advice I ever received. Actions are louder than words. This can be applied both on and off the field. As a gym owner, when I speak to my staff, I mean what I say. I lead by example. I challenge my employees to work as hard as me. The same applies to members. They don’t want to just hear that you’ll take care of them, they want to see it.


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