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What the NCAA Football Video Game Teaches Us About Recruiting

Most of our football scouts at NCSA are also serious college football junkies.

That means we spend a lot of playing NCAA Football for PS3 and Xbox360. If you know the game, you know that recruiting in Dynasty Mode is one of the most fun and interesting parts of the game. Having been a football scout for several years at NCSA, and knowing how recruiting works, I can say there is a MAJOR lesson to be learned from how EA Sports sets up recruiting in the game.

I work with several college coaches and top recruiters like Coach Taylor. ALL of them rely heavily on verified third parties to help them identify which prospects to target. Many coaches first step is to get a list of top prospects provided by a reliable trusted third party such as,, or the ESPN 150. This is important to college coaches because these websites do not have a vested interest in how a prospect is rated.

Third party verification pops up in the NCAA video game a couple times – the ESPN Top 150 recruits list and the SPARQ rating (a real number that quantifies how athletic you are as a football prospect and helps you get onto that ESPN Top 150). What is the first thing us video game recruiters do when we start up a Dynasty? We, like college coaches, visit that trusted resource for info on prospects the ESPN Top 150 and contact the best recruits with the best SPARQ rating in hopes they want to come play for us.

For those prospects in the ESPN Top 150, life is pretty easy. They have an endorsement from one of the top third parties in college football and the recruiting world is their oyster. The Top 150 will be fielding many D-1 offers and will have lots of great choices about where they could get a degree and play ball.

There are over 1 million high school football players out there, and for most them, the process isn’t quite so easy. Tons of families struggle to get exposure for many different reasons. Families also fail to obtain the third party validation that college coaches need because they do not know its importance or where to obtain it. Nike SPARQ Combines are free and a great place to get your measurables taken by an objective third party and have your athleticism quantified.

NCSA Athletic Recruiting provides free third party analysis of college prospects and sends them to 42,000+ college coaches.  Click here to be contacted by an NCSA and request an evaluation by a member of the scouting team. The free evaluation will show you objectively where you stand compared to the rest of your class and position and even show your family the next steps to getting on a college roster.

Good luck and happy gaming!



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