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Coach Taylor’s Top 25 Pre-Season Rankings Cont.

Former PAC-10 recruiting coordinator and current NCSA Recruiting Expert Randy Taylor has announced his pre-season top 25 football programs for the 2012 season. Counting down to #1, one team will be announced each day along with a glimpse of Coach’s notes. Here are Coach Taylor’s picks from over the weekend as well as his pick for today.

#24 Notre Dame

There’s plenty of talent on the field but there has been for quite some time. It’s the schedule, the off field distractions and the rudder of the ship that seems off kilter at times keeping the Irish from living up to the expectations.

The scrutiny of this program is daunting but they bring some of it on themselves. Eliminate the suspensions; the attempts to be larger than life and just play football like “Touchdown Jesus” was accustomed to overseeing back in the day.


#23 Stanford

Several years ago Stanford was good when 4th and 5th year seniors dominated their roster. That happened about every three to four years.

Those days ended when Jim Harbaugh took over the reigns and Head Coach David Shaw is carrying on that torch. There’s a simple reason for the consistent winning, recruiting! You may read more than once here or hear me say often that “Johnnies and Joe’s beat Xs and Os” in the game of football.

Prior to Harbaugh, the Cardinal would get a few top kids that could get in to school and play at a high level but now they’re consistently signing classes with terrific talent from top to bottom. I’ve been a huge fan of their recent recruiting classes.

#22 Auburn

Talent and experience on defense and a good kicking game look to be the mainstays of the team.

The offense has good skill players but I’m betting on the offensive line that’s still young to step up. They’ve been trained by the strength coach, Kevin Yoxall for at least a year and in my mind that’s enough said. Yox is maybe the best strength coach in the nation and even more important is where these young linemen will get their toughness.

In the end though, the play of the QB, whichever one it is will be huge to taking a step back to the upper ranks in college football this year.

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