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Coach Taylor Continues His Top 25 Rankings

Coach Taylor, a former PAC-10 Recruiting Coordinator and current NCSA Recruiting Expert, has been counting down his top 25 preseason college football rankings. Today we announce Coach’s #13 pick and give you an inside look at Coach’s notes.

#13 Louisville

There’s no way to get around the fact that they’ll win a lot of games because of the conference they play in. It’s a good schedule with some pitfalls but it’s not the SEC.

The best thing about the QB other than his really good physical skills is he’ll be a sophomore and will grow as a leader and playmaker. A veteran OL will help with this growth and productivity. The defense and special teams need to hold up their end of the deal for a special season and a BCS birth.

As we approach the top 10 teams, keep tabs on the daily countdown via our Facebook page and on our blog. How will your rankings stack up against Coach Taylor’s?

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Coach Taylor’s countdown includes:

#14 Arkansas

#15 Oklahoma State

#16 Nebraska

#17 Wisconsin

#18 Kansas State

#19 Missouri

#20 Virginia Tech

#21 Michigan State

#22 Auburn

#23 Stanford

#24 Notre Dame

#25 North Carolina

#25-B Boise State

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