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5 Biggest Mistakes in Football Recruiting

1.  Not considering every school and every level that contacts you
There are over 1,800 colleges and universities across the country, and 80% of these schools are outside the Division I level. Just because you have never heard of it doesn’t mean its not a perfect fit for you. Keep your options open and explore every school that contacts you.
2. Relying on your high school coach to do it for you
The average high school coach has contact with fewer than five college coaches, most of whom are local. High school coaches usually have neither the time nor the resources for an athlete to be recruited. Student-athletes and families are ultimately responsible.
3. Waiting for coaches to contact you, you need to contact them!
Communicating with college coaches is a very important part of the process. You can’t expect coaches to contact you. Connecting with coaches drastically helps a student increase his changes of winning a college spot. Reach  out to as many coaches as possible and let them know you are interested. You want to get on a coach’s radar as soon as possible.
4. Delaying sending Varsity film to coaches
Film is the most important part of an evaluation. Highlight films make it simple for coaches to evaluate a student-athlete’s athletic ability and skill-set to compete. Delaying sending film to coaches slows down the process for coaches to evaluate. The sooner you get your highlight film to coaches, the sooner they can evaluate you.
5. Thinking grades don’t matter
Admissions has the final say for every student. They can deny admission to a student-athlete based on academics. Having a good academic record can set you apart from the other football athletes. The better the grades, the more ‘recruitable’ the student-athlete is. Also, Division III schools only offer academic scholarships, so having a good academic record may turn into more scholarships dollars. It is important to remember that you are attending college to get a degree, while  football may the helpful push to get you into a better school, you still need to have the grades to get there first. Being an athlete is an amazing experience, but it has a finish line. Being a student never ends; so put yourself in best academic position possible.
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