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3 Biggest Recruiting Myths – Busted!

Myth 1: Recruiting doesn’t start until senior year
College coaches give scholarship offers as early as the 8th grade. Now, this doesn’t happen very often – but it does show that coaches are looking at athletes starting even before high school. As a freshman or sophomore, you want to at least be receiving questionnaires, camp invitations and letters from coaches. Don’t think that getting letters means you’re in – coaches often send out more than 15,000 letters a year and may give out 10 or fewer scholarships when everything is said and done.

Myth 2: College coaches will find you if you’re good
In most sports, less than 100 athletes in the entire country will be actively pursued by college coaches (out of over 7 million high school athletes). If you were one of those 100 athletes, you wouldn’t need to wonder about it – you’d already be hearing from college coaches. NCAA rules only allow college coaches to have 3 staff members dedicated to recruiting – and that covers the whole country – and many have budgets of only a few thousand dollars (maybe two sets of plane tickets). If you’re not hearing from coaches at this moment, you need to take the wheel in your recruiting process if you want to play in college. The first step is creating an online recruiting profile so college coaches can find you.

Coaches won’t be lining up outside your door

Myth 3: You can do it by yourself
Every athlete knows that you win or lose as a team. Recruiting is no different. If you aren’t bringing the desire and effort, you won’t get recruited – but coaches depend on information and scouting tips from trusted sources to find their recruits each year. It’s not technically impossible, but it will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in travel, producing professionally edited highlight video, postage, and more – and even then, remember that coaches are bombarded by thousands of letters and tapes every year. You’d be a lot more likely to see a movie recommended to you by a friend than a stranger on the street, right? Coaches are too, except in recruiting, that movie is your highlight video and whether they watch that movie will determine your future.

So what can you do?
1. Start today
2. Click here and build an online recruiting profile so coaches can find you (a college coach logs into the NCSA Network looking for recruits about every 10 minutes).
3. Get help from a team of over 300 former college players and coaches who eat, sleep and breathe recruiting – call them at 866-579-6272. Don’t get left behind!

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