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One Sport vs Multi-Sport Athlete

A huge dilemma with student-athletes today is whether to be a mulit-sport athlete or to just concentrate on one. Many kids grow up playing multiple sports, but usually narrow it down to just a couple when it comes to high school.

So how do you decide to stick with one sport or two? It’s important to remember that time management plays a huge factor in that decision. Being able to balance more than one sport along with school can be tough to do.We believe if you are able to compete at high level in all your sports and your academics do not take a hit then you should continue to play all the sports you excel at. Also, it is important to remember that very rarely a student-athlete will be able to play more than one sport in college.

Specific college coaches may like to see student-athletes who play more than one sport because it can showcase athleticism as well as their time management skills.

In an article by Inside Lacrosse, it states “Most DI coaches talk about wanting guys who are multi-sport athletes, but the underlying idea in that is that what is at a premium now is getting the most athletic kids possible — you can teach a kid to be a great player, but you can’t teach speed or athleticism. Multi-sport athletes tend to be the most athletic kids, especially because nowadays if you stick with other sports through high school, and you are good enough to be a lacrosse prospect, your probably pretty good at those other sports too, evidencing your general level of athleticism.”

Making this decision is tough, but there is no right or wrong answer. Stick to your passion and manage your time wisely.

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