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The New Social Media Age of Recruiting

Now that NCAA rules allow college coaches to send text and social media messages to recruits, there has been a lot of buzz in the media about the pros and cons of this decision. One pro: communication between coaches and recruits will be easier online, especially for coaches who don’t have an athlete’s phone number but can easily find their social media profile.

However, recruits need to remember that as more coaches start using social media, it becomes more likely coaches will see their public profile. Student-athletes should:

  • Avoid cursing
  • Avoid mention of anything illegal or even questionable
  • Maintain a respectful profile
  • Use social media profiles to show academic/athletic success and involvement in the community

All of these will help increase your chances of being recruited.

In this article from, John Dudley points out that while many colleges don’t have a formal policy for communicating through social media, Oil City has a very strict policy that prohibits all coaches from communicating with recruits through text messages or social media.

Recruits need to keep these things in mind when communicating with college coaches. There are so many different NCAA rules and individual university rules that it can be difficult to effectively communicate with coaches during the recruiting process.

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