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What to Know About the Tennis Recruiting Process


1. Video is key in the tennis recruiting process.

  • Coaches need to see more footwork and how you get around the court instead of just fundamental strokes
  • Include 25 baseline shots, net play and serves on video log
  • Show your athleticism on your video

2. Tournaments are very important

  • USTA – State, Sectional, and National (Challenger, Open, and Champion Tournaments)
  • Youth Tournaments
  • Junior Tournaments
  • ITF Tennis Tournaments

3. The biggest and most important need in the recruiting process is Rankings with the USTA and 

  • This is done with USTA and ITF tournament play.
  • Every time you beat an opponent, check their ranking. If they are ranked higher than you, tell the coach you beat a top ranked player. Most of these coaches do not have assistants and these athletes need to follow up with phone calls if the coach does not respond to emails.
4. Researching  College Rosters could help you get recruited
  • Get a sense of what the college coaches look for in a reccruit
  • See who is leaving the team
  • Look at where the school recruits from
  • Look at what the current players rankings are

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