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How to Get Recruited for College (Men’s & Women’s) Soccer

  Division I:

  ODP Experience:

  •   National Team/Pool
  •   Regional Team/Pool
  •   State Team NOT Pool

CLUB Experience:US Development Academy
Attend Major Tournaments

  • Surf Cup
  • US Development Academy Showcases
  • Potomac Memorial Tournament
  • Disney Showcase
  • Score at the Shore
  • Jefferson Cup
  • Nomads Thanksgiving Tournament
  • Dallas Cup
  • President’s Cup
  • Adidas Blue Chip Showcase
  • Crossroads Showcase
  • USA Cup
  • Mustang Inv.
  • WAGS Tournament
  • Las Vegas College Showcase
  • PDA Showcase

Examples of Top Women’s Club Teams Include:

  • Dallas Texans
  • PDA
  • Eclipse FC
  • Michigan Hawks
  • Sereno SC
  • Slammers
  • San Diego Surf
  • Bethesda united
  • Carmel United
  • Mustang Soccer

High School Experience:

  • All-American
  • Varsity starter
  • All-State
  • All Region/Conference/Sectional

Division II:

ODP Experience:

  • Tryouts/Camps
  • State Pool

Club Experience:

  • Team travels to out of state tournaments

High School Experience:

  • Varsity starter

Division III/NAIA:

Club Experience:

  • Travels to Tournaments
  • Not AYSO or REC

High School Experience:

  • Varsity Starter

*****Foreign players must have video and references

Division II/III Soccer Notes:

Over 95% Division II, III, and NAIA soccer players have club experience. Nearly 70% of Division II, III, and NAIA soccer players have earned individual recognition at the high school level if they played high school soccer.

Preferred Grades for All Divisions:

3.0 GPA + 24 ACT + 1000 SAT (out of 1600)
(No scores needed for underclassmen)

In order to compile these Recruiting Guidelines, NCSA tracked hundreds of former NCSA student-athletes who have gone on to compete at the collegiate level, polled college coaches across the nation, and analyzed college rosters at all levels of competition.

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