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Don’t Wait Around to Be Recruited: 3 Tips to Get You Noticed

As a senior, it’s easy to think you can sit back and let college coaches come to you. However, that’s not exactly on their agenda. As a student-athlete or a parent, you might think the recruiting process starts junior or senior year. The reality however, is that college coaches start looking to fill their roster spots as early as a student’s freshman year. Some coaches have even recruited seventh and eighth grade athletes. If you are a senior, that means they should have been recruiting you at least three years ago. Maybe you haven’t received any phone calls yet, but why not? You might be wondering where you scholarship offers are too, right? If your phone isn’t ringing and you’re lacking offers, odds are, college coaches don’t know who you are.

Some athletes and parents might have the notion that if you’re good enough, coaches will come to you. Unfortunately, that isn’t how recruiting works any more  Today’s recruiting game is all about being proactive. Student-athletes, especially seniors, shouldn’t sit around and wait for coaches to call or come to them. The less action a student-athlete takes, the more likely they are to fall through the cracks.

The recruiting process takes a lot of time, money and preparation. It’s hard work. Here are three things you can do right now to get noticed.

1.) Do your research. Gather information about the schools and programs you’re interested. What are the admission requirements? Are their open roster spots for the position you want to play? Be realistic but also create as many opportunities for yourself that you can. The more options you have, the more chances for recruitment.

2.) Start making contact. Introduce yourself to college coaches and let them know you’re interested in their program. Pick up the phone, send an email, and reach out on Facebook or Twitter. Building relationships with college coaches is a key piece to the recruiting puzzle.

3.) Create an athletic resume. Think of the recruiting process like a job interview. Coaches want to know if you’re a good fit for their team. Create a detailed recruiting profile, or athletic resume, that highlights your athletic and academic achievements. Click here to create an athletic resume.

Each day, college coaches fill their roster spots. If you’re a senior and you’re not receiving letters, phone calls, emails, invitations to visit, or offers, then chances are you’re not being recruited. Don’t wait around for the phone to ring. Be proactive so you can get noticed and boost your chances of getting recruited to play at the next level.

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Aaron Sorenson