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Taking Your Recruiting Game Online

Each year college coaching staffs are on the lookout for new talent. With open roster spots to fill and a limited recruiting budget, the recruiting game is happening more and more online.

Did you know that the average recruiting budget for most college and university individual sports teams is less than $2,000 to find and recruit student-athletes? Not all recruiting budgets are created equal, either. Dl budgets can range from $10,000 to over $1 million while Dll budgets range from $10,000-$30,000. Dlll budgets rarely exceed $10,000. The majority of this money goes to revenue producing sports like football and basketball. The rest of the money is divided equally among the remaining non-revenue sports.

It’s because of these limited funds that more college rosters have athletes that are geographically based. It also proves the point that no student-athlete should assume a college coach is going to come to them. What if you’re an athlete interested in a school across the country? How are you supposed to get discovered? How do you stand out against your competition? No student-athlete should miss out on a life changing opportunity of becoming a college athlete.

Luckily, the recruiting game is changing. Thanks to online recruiting tools like the NCSA Recruiting Management System (RMS) 3.0, student-athletes can easily connect with college coaches at the click of a button. Our recruiting system helps athletes find schools that are right for them. With the RMS, an athlete’s key recruiting information is placed online including their vital stats and verified highlight video. More than 42,000 college coaches are one click away from discovering talented student-athletes all over the world. Athletes can use the RMS to instantly connect with a coach who viewed their profile. They can even find out about specific roster openings and apply for those opportunities.

Student-athletes and parents should never make the assumption that a college coach knows who they are. Instead, create more opportunities for success by being proactive and using online recruiting tools to get ahead. There are more than 6.8 million high school athletes and less than 500,000 college athletes. Don’t sit back and wait to get discovered. Click here to create your free recruiting profile and start maximizing your recruiting process with a technology that allows you unlimited access to qualified recruiting experts.

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Aaron Sorenson