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If The World Doesn’t End December 21st…

There’s a lot of hype about this Friday marking the end of the Mayan calendar and what it might mean. Whether you buy into the hype, make light of the situation or don’t pay it any attention at all, chances are your dreams of competing at the college level aren’t going anywhere. So assuming the world doesn’t end on December 21st, there are some dates you need to be aware of and there are things you can be doing over the holidays to make sure you don’t fall behind on your recruiting process.


Men’s/Women’s Basketball

December is an evaluation period except for December 24-26th, which is a Dead Period


December 12-31st is a Dead Period, except:

  • Coaches attending the AVCA annual awards banquet may have incidental contact with two-year college prospects being honored at the banquet, provided no recruiting conversation occurs.
  • Thursday of the Division I Women’s Volleyball Championship through the Sunday immediately following the championship (December 15-18). An institution’s authorized coaching staff members (see Bylaw 11.7.4) may evaluate on only one day and may attend only one event on that day during this period. Such an event shall occur within a 30-mile radius of the site of the championship (San Antonio, Texas). Coaches from the same institution who attend such an event shall attend the same event on the same day. Coaches shall not attend events that occur at the same time that any intercollegiate competition in conjunction with the NCAA championship occurs: Evaluation Period

Six in-person off-campus contacts per prospective student-athlete shall be permitted in December with not more than one permitted in any one calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) or partial calendar week. December 17, 2012 through January 3, 2013 is a Dead Period, except:

  • Institutional staff members may have contact with a prospective student-athlete who has been admitted for midyear enrollment, provided the prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent or other offer of admission and/or financial aid to attend the institution and is required to be on campus to attend institutional orientation sessions for all students: Contact Period
Cross Country/Track & Field

December 12-31st is a Quiet Period except for December 16 (12:01 am) -21 (12:01 am), which is a Dead Period

Men’s Lacrosse

December 24-31st is a Dead Period

Baseball/Women’s Lacrosse/Softball

December is a Quiet Period

Whether you’re in a Contact Period, Quiet Period or Dead Period you need to remain proactive to have the most success. Keep building your academic/athletic resume, research schools and athletic programs, keep training your body, start planning official/unofficial visits, learn NCAA rules and recruiting timelines and the list goes on.

To help you stay proactive and build your recruiting game plan, join the NCSA Athletic Recruiting Network or call 1-866-579-6272 to speak with an NCSA Scout!

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