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College Recruiting App Comes to the iPhone

2 - HomeThe days of waiting to get discovered have come and gone. In today’s modern, high-tech world, proactive student-athletes alike are using their mobile phones to communicate with college coaches. As the athletic recruiting game evolves, so does the opportunity to communicate and share information at the touch of a button.

Most student-athletes looking to continue their sport at the next level have pictured what it might be like to play at their dream school. With more than 1800 colleges and universities offering athletic programs, how does an athlete narrow down the programs with open roster spots? Well, in the words of Apple, “there’s an app for that.”

Now student-athletes with access to an iPhone or iPad can tap and swipe their way through the NCSA Sports app and explore colleges across the nation. This new interactive tool generates open roster spots across the college search map and interested prospects can connect directly with a recruiting expert to get more insight.

With all the different levels of recruiting, student-athletes can take a recruiting quiz and calculate whether they’re being moderately or heavily recruited.

NCSA Sports App Highlights:

  • Learn which college coaches have open roster spots with real-time notifications
  • Explore favorite colleges to learn about coaching staff and admissions requirements
  • Evaluate your recruitment level with the recruiting calculator
  • Talk to a recruiting expert to get a free evaluation and get recruited

It’s never too early to start the recruiting process. Click here to download the new NCSA Sports app for free. If you’re ready to kick start your recruiting process, click here to build your athletic resumé and talk to a scout.

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