Cost of College Financial Aid

College Isn’t Cheap

It’s no secret that the cost of earning a college degree can seem overbearing, especially in these economic times. Between 1982 and 2007 alone, the cost of college increased 440% according to The fact of the matter is, 50% of people skip college because it’s too expensive and 1 in 10 recent college graduates have monthly student loan payments that exceed 25% of their income!

However, athletes that use their sport as a vehicle to help finance their college degree can ultimately face a much smaller financial burden than non-athletes. Staying proactive in your recruiting process, maintaining focus in the classroom, applying for financial aid and being a leader on the playing field as well as in your community are just a few great ways to help earn grants, athletic and academic scholarships.


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To find out where you stand in the recruiting process and help build a game plan to using athletics to help pay for college, click here or call 866-579-6272 for an athletic and academic evaluation from an NCSA Scout.

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  • Great infographic, really informative. College is quite expensive, and the price just seems to rise and rise.