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3 Benefits of Playing Sports in College

aaron sorenson AsThroughout my years as an athlete, I have had many experiences that have had a positive impact on my life. For me, sports had the biggest impact on my future.  Sports helped build my character and taught me discipline. It’s because of sports that I have lifelong friendships with my teammates and coaches. Growing up an athlete helped pave the way for a successful future as a Division l baseball player, a college graduate, and continues to influence my role today. There are limitless benefits when it comes to being an athlete. Here are my top three benefits to help determine your commitment to sports:

1.)    The Relationships

When you go to college as a student-athlete you know you will be part of team. This will allow you to be around individuals with very similar likes and dislikes which is a great place to meet new friends.  There is no better way to develop close relationships with others than by being part of a team, working together, and striving towards the same goal. These relationships that are developed on a team can last a lifetime and make your college experience better as well have a positive impact on your life after your athletic career.

2.)    Health

Being a college athlete will force you to be healthier.  Student-athletes are highly motivated and goal oriented so it is safe to say they have put in a lot of work to even be a college athlete. Working out, training, and practicing are part of your life as an athlete, which will keep you in great shape and feeling good. You also will avoid the awkward weight gain that can occur after your first year at college. The lifestyle you develop as an athlete can carry over into your professional life of making time to work out because you have the athlete mentality and routine already within you.

3.)    Get a Job

Potential employers look for and want former athletes. They understand the lessons learned through years of being an athlete translate into a quality employee.  Successful athletes will have great time management skills, competitive mindset, leadership skills, team first attitude, and ability to effectively communicate within a team.  Employers desperately want these student-athletes.  NCSA Athletic Recruiting conducted a survey of 100 CEOs; they learned that 100 percent of these employers would be more likely to hire a student-athlete than a non-student athlete if all other factors were equal. They also said 60 percent would hire a student-athlete with a lower grade-point average before a non-student-athlete with an A average.

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