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Use Your Competitive Spirit to Your Advantage

With the limited number of college roster spots, and the even more limited number of athletic scholarships available to high school athletes, it is important to start competing in recruiting early if you want to play at the collegiate level.

Fact: When deciding between two similar recruits, college coaches will choose the one they’ve known longer

How early do you think you should start fighting for roster spots? If you said the earlier the better, then you’d be correct! Student-athletes who start the recruiting process freshman year have a bigger advantage than the students who start their senior year. Also, student-athletes who are proactive and take matters into their own hands also have an advantage over the athletes who wait to be “discovered” by a college scout. Start building relationships with college coaches now!

Fact: There are 7 million high school athletes, but only enough college roster spots for 2% of them

So you have to be competitive to beat out the 98% of student-athletes who will not receive an offer to play sports in college. How? Remember that college coaches are not just looking for athletic ability – although that is obviously top priority – coaches are looking for student-athletes who are also good students. It’s crucial that athletes are academically successful in college – their eligibility to play depends on it. And that’s a big concern for a coach.

Fact: Only 1% of student-athletes receive a full ride to a D1 school

You might not even be thinking about attending a DI school, and that’s good! Its means you are being realistic with your athletic ability and honest about what type of school you want to attend. Many student-athletes think Division I is the only option, even if they may fit better athletically and academically at a DII or DIII school, and they miss out on college sports entirely.

By keeping an open mind about various division levels, you are giving yourself the best chances to receive offers and scholarship dollars. Think about this: do you really want to compete against the Andrew Lucks and RGIIIs of your graduating class if you’re not at that level? Think about level what of competition you can realistically play against in college so that you’re competing against comparable recruits who you can actually beat out with your stats, grades and good character!

Fact: Most high school coaches have relationships with fewer than five college coaches (most of which are local)

In other words, you can’t rely on your high school coach to do your recruiting for you. The more college coaches you reach out, the more coaches you’ll find who will have a spot open for your position and grad year, which means the more opportunities you could receive. Take matters into your own hands and use your competitive spirit to get proactive and fight hard for the roster spots you think you deserve!

So, are you competitive? Are you ready to get to work in recruiting, beat out your competition and have greater potential to be granted a scholarship? Do you want to find out what level you can realistically play at in college so you not only get to know yourself better, but your competition as well?

Talk with a NCSA Athletic Recruiting Scout today to get evaluated and see what college programs you might qualify for. Call 866-495-7727 and start filling out your free profile so you can easily send your information to college coaches and start competing now for your roster spot.

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