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Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

contract imageWritten by Heather Murphy, parent of soon to be two committed athletes.

As a mother of a college athlete and a high school senior who is set to sign a NLI for a DI University in a few short weeks, the best advice I can give to a parent/student athlete who really wants to compete at the next level would be to take matters into your own hands. It was NCSA who really explained the role of the high school coach, parents and student to our family.

My son was hard to motivate when it came time to contact coaches. Sometimes it ended in argument as I prodded him to sit at the computer to type a generic introduction email that he could use for any coach by just changing a few words. We sat in on phone call seminars and spent a lot of time researching sample introduction letters online.

Although it was hard to motivate him to get started, it was so worth the work when he would get a return email from a college coach. His lack of hard work in the classroom limited his opportunities when it came to college choices but as his senior football season wrapped up he had some visits arranged and got to tour some schools and their facilities. It was the weekend before signing day and he was visiting a junior college and thought he could see himself at their school succeeding in their program.  He had given a verbal to their coaching staff and stayed the night in the area but by the time he returned home the following afternoon he had changed his mind. He kept talking about knowing he could get on the field immediately there but he kept thinking that another program he’d visited would push him harder and make him the strongest, fastest, BEST player he could be.

That night a few of his teammates had received calls from the 2nd choice college and they were delivering NLI’s the next day in preparation for National Signing Day. A coach never called my son to schedule a NLI delivery. I encouraged him to call these coaches and let him know he knew he could be an asset to their team and the real reasons he wanted to be a part of their program. My son made that call and the recruiting coach said he’d discuss it with their staff.

The morning before signing day he got a phone call saying they’d watched film again on my son and would indeed like to offer him an opportunity at their school. The school received a fax of the NLI for my son and we all watched as he got to sign with a school HE chose to be best for him. Had he not taken matters into his own hands and picked up that phone the opportunity to play for a top 25 program could have easily slipped through his hands.

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