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Nick Saban on the NCAA Deregulation

What would happen if the NCAA eliminated recruiting restrictions? Would this help or hurt student-athletes, coaches, and schools moving forward? Well, we could find out the answer to this on August 1st.

This past January, the NCAA Board of Directors adopted a package of 25 measures that would eliminate the numerous recruiting restrictions that coaches and schools have had to abide by over the years. Most notably, the deregulation  would lift the ban on texting. It would also allow anyone of the staff of a sport to recruit. Coaches and athletic directors have shown their dislike with the latest move by the NCAA, but the legislation will be ratified August 1st unless 75 NCAA members support an override proposal.

How do the biggest schools with a nearly unlimited budget feel about recruiting deregulation?

“I’m kind of happy with system we have now,” Alabama football coach, Nick Saban stated. “I mean, I don’t even know how young people can go to school if people were able to text them all the time, especially if he’s a junior. I feel like relationship building is important and I think we need to have enough communication so people can come and visit us, and when we go sit down with them for an evaluation or an actual recruiting visit that we can communicate properly, but I don’t think we need to do much beyond that.”

Saban made it clear that he would be open to relaxing the rules on how to coaches can communicate with recruits but he’s against the idea that ‘since it can’t be monitored why not make it legal?’

While Saban may believe that recruiting should be done with proper communication and visits,  it is rumored that other SEC schools,  already text top recruits and don’t follow the current rules. Text messaging has taken over nearly all forms of communications in today’s high tech world, but will this deregulation change the face of recruiting altogether?

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