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NCSA Alumni Jeanna Dudley- Shares her thoughts on NCSA and Being a College Athlete

Grad6How did you feel NCSA helped you in your recruiting process before you went to college?

I feel like NCSA really helped me find my options. They were really good with matching me academically and athletically, it narrowed things out and eliminated things that were out of my reach. They gave me great advice about seeing the full picture and realize it wasn’t just about hockey.

 Did you feel that your parents benefited from the guidance of NCSA during the process?

It helped my parents in terms of making sure I was visiting the right places, not just traveling to see schools without knowing if I really would have a change to go there. There were a lot of questions they couldn’t answer for me so NCSA’s help made it a lot less stressful for them in the long run.

What was your initial reaction to training in college versus training in high school?

College was a lot more vigorous. I didn’t really lift in high school and in college we did it three to four times a week. I also worked a lot harder during the off season. College molded me into a really competitive person, not only with opponents but also with myself. I wanted to get better every season and be one of the best on the team. A lot more was expected out of you.

 How do you think your experience as a college athlete helped shape your experience in college as a whole?

I feel like where I went to school if I didn’t have athletics and my team and other athletes it would have been an entirely different experience. My team was really close and we were all such good friends. I knew if I got hurt I would still be a part of the team. Athletics really made me enjoy my four years. It was always good to know that you had people on your team who tutored each other, we studied together- we relied on each other. Even when you didn’t have someone in your class someone always knew someone else who could, there were always connections. I learned time management as well, I had a lot more homework but I learned how to manage it and I studied a lot more than I did in high school. It was really nice to have an on campus rink, I felt like I actually spent the same amount of time on hockey but it wasn’t as much driving, my time was much better used.

 What habits or training from hockey did you see reflected in your school work and/or job?

Time management, teamwork, and I learned a lot about myself in the process. In high school I just got by, I didn’t work that hard for it and in college I learned that athletics weren’t everything and I had to work hard in other aspects of life to be successful.

Now that you have graduated, what are you up to?

I am currently working at St. Catherine’s University as an on call officer. I am also a Pepsi merchandiser. I am looking of a full time job and really want to be a police officer. I am hoping to get a Cadet job and earn my post certification soon.

Did you use your experience as a college athlete in the interview process while finding a job?

Yeah, for sure. I always use my coach as a reference. Personality wise I always say I was a leader as a captain my last two years and I always mention teamwork. I can’t think of an interview where I didn’t bring up hockey and how it formed me in some way.

 Do you have any advice for current student-athletes going through the recruiting process?

I would just say to check out plenty of options but when it comes down to it make sure you look at schools not only with the best team but where you see yourself having the best time overall, even if it’s a lower team. Maybe you can change the program around. You want to go where you know you will fit in and where if something happened you would still be happy. Is this where I can see myself living for four years or maybe even longer? I never thought I would stay there forever but I’m still here for a year and it could even be more long term. I would also say, especially for younger kids,  never stop training, always push yourself because you never know what can happen and you never know what could happen down the road. Even if you are third or fourth line if you work hard you could prove them wrong, you don’t want any regrets.

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