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Upcoming Seniors: Important Recruiting Date Coming Up – July 1st

If you are going to be a senior next school year, then there is an important and exciting recruiting date coming up that you should be aware of.

download (5)On July 1st, college coaches at the Division I level can begin to have off-campus, face-to-face contact with recruits. (**Excludes football, men’s/women’s basketball, women’s gymnastics and women’s ice hockey**) Also, college coaches can call athletes on the phone once per week starting on this day as well. (**Excludes football, men’s/women’s basketball, and men’s/women’s ice hockey**)

If you are being seriously recruited or if you’re a high level recruit, you can expect a lot of action taking place starting on July 1st. This is going to be an exciting time, so enjoy the attention, but at the same time, make sure you know how to utilize this time.

College coaches will be asking you a lot of questions, which means you should start preparing your answers now! Think of any potential questions colleges coaches could ask and practice your responses. Also, you should be evaluating the coach and the school as much as they are evaluating you, so think of a list of questions you will want to ask the coach. If you are wondering about the right questions to ask, read 5 Types of Questions You Need to Ask a College Coach. Just remember that choosing a college is a 40-year decision, not just a four-year decision, so it’s just as important that you like the coach and the school as much as they like you!

Now, what about those of you who may not receive very many or any phone calls on Monday. First, you must understand that if you’re a rising senior and you’re not getting phone calls on July 1st, then you are not being seriously recruited.

Also, even though it might be difficult for some of you, it might be time to consider that you may not be a Division I caliber athlete. Now is the time to make sure you are reaching out to college coaches at ALL division levels, including NAIA schools. You want to keep your options open in order to fulfill your dream of competing in college. And remember, some high level DII and DIII schools can be more competitive than some low level Division I schools.

If you are the rare recruit who IS a Division I caliber athlete and for some reason college coaches just don’t know about you yet, then it’s time to get proactive and work really hard in your recruiting process starting today! You are falling behind your competition and offers will start to be made to other prospects if you don’t get moving now! Your time is running out, but it’s never too late to find an opportunity.

Whether you are a Division I caliber athlete or not, if you are about to be a senior and you don’t get phone calls on July 1st, then it’s time to reevaluate your recruiting efforts to this point. You might be reaching out to schools that are above your athletic or academic abilities, which means those college coaches may not be getting back to you because you don’t fit their needs. Research more colleges and be realistic about the type of school you can play for. You might be amazed at the interest you receive from coaches!

 To all athletes, if you don’t already have an athletic profile, then it’s time to get one! Click here now to start your NCSA Athletic Recruiting profile! Be sure it’s completed with your stats, measurables, contact information and most importantly, a highlight or skills video so that college coaches can start evaluating you. Send the link to your profile to every college coach you contact so he/she can learn more about you. Keep contacting college coaches and start building relationships with the ones who show interest. Offers will come if you remain proactive, reach out to realistic schools and contact a good number of coaches (btw. 50-100). Good luck and hope your phone is ringing off the hook on Monday!

If you would like more help and advice throughout your recruiting process, including information about other big recruiting dates and NCAA contact rules, then reach out to a Collegiate Scout today at 866-495-7727 or click here to start the process.

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