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NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings Countdown- #14 Dartmouth College

We are counting down the Top 15 schools in our 11th Annual NCSA Collegiate Power Rankings which will launch Tuesday,  September 3rd.  This year #14 is Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.  Below are 8  fun facts about Dartmouth College.

1. There School color is called Dartmouth Green

2) Dartmouth has 34 Varsity teams who participate at the division 1 level

3) The nickname for Dartmouth is Big Green

4) Their Unofficial mascot is an Indian and Moose

5) 20% of the total enrolled students  participate in a varsity sport, and almost 80% participate in some form of club or intramural sports

6) only 9.5% of applicant that apply are admitted

7) 93.8% of those admitted were in the top 10% and close to half of those were valedictorians

8) They have several notable alumni including Connie Britton the actress from Friday Night Lights and Nashville and NFL linebacker Reggie Williams

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