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How the Power Rankings Can Help You Find the Right College Fit

If you haven’t seen or heard of the NCSA Athletic Recruiting’s Power Rankings yet, then you need to go check them out! The Power Rankings are calculated for each college or university in Divisions I, II and III by averaging their NCAA graduation rate, their academic rankings and the strength of the athletic department.

Why are they useful to high school student-athletes? The Power Rankings are designed to help recruits and their families evaluate the strengths of schools they are considering attending. When looking for a good fit and making a college decision, a student-athlete has a lot to consider. The Power Rankings are just one useful tool in making this decision. So, what else should you consider?

It’s important for a recruit to fit in with the team as a whole, factoring in the other players, the coaching staff and the athletic department. Student-athletes also need to figure out what division level they can realistically compete at in order to understand which athletic programs would be interested in them. If you think you might be a solid DII recruit, then you should consider reaching out to some low level DI and high level DIII institutions as well.

Next, a student-athlete should decide on a major and choose a college that offers that major. Find a school that fits you academically, not just athletically. Remember, you’re there to earn your degree while playing sports, so academics should play a key role in your decision-making.

Do you want stay local or are you willing to travel anywhere in the country? Remember, the more open you are to travel, the more opportunities you will create for yourself. Also, do you have a preference in the size of the school? Class size can often be a factor for students, so think about whether you’d do better in a small setting or a large lecture hall.

Finally, one advantage of the Power Rankings is that they factor in graduation rates and the colleges on that list have very high graduation rate. Research transfer rates of schools if that is a concern to you, or even look into how many of a team’s seniors have played on the team all four years.

NCSA Athletic Recruiting always tells its student-athletes making a college decision is not a four-year decision; it’s a forty-year decision. Meaning, the college you choose will not only affect your next four years, but it’s a choice that will affect the rest of your life. So, choose wisely.

Besides the Power Rankings, NCSA Athletic Recruiting offers many helpful tools to assist student-athletes in their search for the perfect fit. If you’re ready to find yours, call 866-495-7727 or click here to get started on your free NCSA profile and start researching colleges now!

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