Recruiting for Parents

Recruiting Checklist for Parents


  • Thoroughly review the NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete, so you know the rules as well your athlete does
  • Use Division I core course worksheet inside the NCAA guide to set specific academic goals and plan a core course schedule for your athlete
  • Stay aware of your athletes grades- the better their grades the more opportunities they will have
  • Begin researching SAT/ACT test preparation for your athlete or when it comes time to enroll them in course
  • Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and make sure your athlete’s high school counselor sends his or her transcript at the end of junior year
  • Help your athlete figure out what they may be interested in studying in college- this will help determine if a school is right for them


  • Start a correspondence log to keep track of your communications with college coaches
  • Help your athlete build their recruiting profile- but don’t be a helicopter parent
  • Plan official and unofficial visits to local college campuses, always contacting the coaches beforehand to arrange a meeting
  • Create a highlight or skills video using sport-specific video guidelines
  • Compile a list of target schools based on your athletes qualifications
  • Help your athlete understand the importance of staying responsible with social media
  • Determine your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) to familiarize yourself with the collegiate financial aid process

New to the recruiting process?  See what college programs you might quality for by creating  your free NCSA Athletic Recruiting profile

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  • Rick,We talked this past spnirg and now I have a question. My son is at a D1 school as a freshmen in baseball, he is a walk on and now they want to redshirt him. There was never any talk of redshirting until 2 weeks ago. After the draft the school went out & picked up several JUCO players and now has a dilemia of too many players.1. Do redshirt players not count against their roster limits?2. As a red shirt,non scholarship player never played in a fall game, can he transfer to a JUCO in the spnirg? What are the playing rules? At $23K a semester he wants to play not sit a year.What options does he have? Thanks