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Lessons in Athletics from LeBron

Love him or hate him, it’s hard not to admit that LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players to ever hit the hardwood.

A question and answer article in the 2013 NBA Preview issue of ESPN The Magazine by Chris Broussard delves deeper into the intriguing personality of King James. The feature includes interesting tidbits like the fact that James spent some of his summer on a yacht in France and that he doesn’t watch SportsCenter during the NBA Playoffs. But there were also some fascinating insights into what makes James one of the best players in the game. These are lessons that every athlete can benefit from.


He still works on his game.

James stays in shape and isn’t satisfied being the player that he already is. Over the summer he worked on his post moves, and he knows that he wants to improve his shooting and ball handling. Even the best athletes in the world strive to improve, that’s part of what makes them special.


He wants his teammates to succeed.

Making teammates better is a sure fire way to win. In the article, James says that he loves “seeing the success of my teammates more than anything.”  Let’s face it, when his teammates succeed, his team usually wins.


He appreciates the history of the game.

James says he watches film of guys Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson. He also mentions Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Bernard King during the interview. Appreciating the athletes who paved the way is a great way to show respect for the game.


He’s loyal to his roots.

It’s refreshing to see an NBA All-Star mentioning a high school coach. Apparently, coach Keith Dambrot saw the talent in James when he was just a sophomore in high school.


He’s afraid of failure.

Even the best players in the game have doubts. The best way to try to alleviate those doubts is to keep improving. It’s important to note that not wanting to fail isn’t the same thing as not being confident in your ability.

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