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Ohio State

Dan Nicholson

Evaluates Football Athletes

Sports Resume: Men’s Football

-4 Years Quarterback at Northern Illinois University

-2 time captain

-3rd in NIU history for completion percentage

-4th in NIU history for pass completions

Pre Game Ritual: I would talk to my dad every week on the phone before our pre game meal.

Pre Game Meal:  Grilled Chicken (with Heinz 57 sauce) pasta & salad.

Best College Memory: I am from the South side of Chicago & have been a lifelong Bear fan.  In 2007 we played Iowa at Soldier Field.  I will never forget the feeling driving up to Soldier Field before that game.

What advice would you give to an athlete going through the recruiting process? 

It is on YOU!  YOU have to show coaches how bad YOU want an opportunity to play college football.  Think of football as the tool to get YOUR college education paid for.

Why did you come to NCSA?
Throughout my athletic career I was fortunate to spend time around some great coaches. Because of them I learned that football and sports really are more than just a game. They are avenues for bettering yourself as a person, and teach lessons that can help you for the rest of your life. I was drawn to NCSA because of their passion for helping student athletes achieve the same dream that I once had.




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Keith Babb

Evaluates All Athletes-except football

I enjoy working at NCSA because all student-athletes and their parents need help with this daunting process and I know how NCSA’s tools and assistance can help!  I’ve personally helped over 3,500 student-athletes change their lives by using their love of sports to earn a meaningful college degree and go on to a rewarding career.  As a parent, I used NCSA’s tools for my own daughter who played four years at the 16th ranked academic school in the country and had over $187,000 in scholarship funding.




John Corcoran

Evaluates Football Athletes

Sports Resume: Men’s Football

Started with track & football at age 6.  Basketball, baseball, football throughout my life, a little wrestling in high school. Played football at Crespi High School in Encino, Ca, 1986 Nat’l Champs conference champs.  Moorpark JuCo Conference champs, Chico St U Conference champs.

Pre Game Ritual: Taped my wrists and ankles pregame with other DB’s, and I would be swept with emotion as a football player before games.  I could not wait to get my first collision in when the game started and would always seek and hit somebody the first play of the game to get into the flow of the action!!

Pre Game Meal:  I always ate pasta before games. With chicken

Best College Memory: Week 3 of the ’92 season, tied 21-21 to St. Mary’s College in Ca, I intercepted my 2nd pass of the game and returned it 70 yards for TD and the winning score with a minute on the clock.

What advice would you give to an athlete going through the recruiting process? 

GET SOME GUIDANCE and work your tail off- Had I received guidance I would have had many more options. I took a year off football after high school but I started my collegiate clock as a full time student and lost a year of eligibility, which turned big time D 1 schools off because I had no red shirt year out of JuCo.  When I worked hardest on my speed and strength, I got the best results out of my body. Work hard the competition is doing so also!

Why did you come to NCSA?
As a college athlete, I made about every mistake a young man could make. If I had some guidance, I would have played DI football at a school of my choice and would have had options. I saw my nephews make similar mistakes in the recruiting process. Both played D1 football but did so the hard way, and they left a lot of scholarship money on the table. I want to help student-athletes make good decisions.





Greg Zaskowski

Evaluates All Athletes-except football

Sports Resume: Men’s Football

Played competitive youth soccer in the Chicagoland area. Played at Northern Kentucky University. I will be celebrating my 2 year anniversary at NCSA next month. Prior to that I spent a decade in professional soccer on both the men’s and women’s side.

Pre Game Ritual: No real pre-game ritual. But no matter how warm or cold it was out, I always pants during pre-game warm ups

Pre Game Meal:  Usually something lite

Best College Memory: Being nationally ranked freshman year

What advice would you give to an athlete going through the recruiting process? 

Start early. Remember, it’s more then your athletic ability. College coaches take character, grades, leadership among other things into consideration too.



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