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Ben Favreau Baseball Commit Gives His Recruiting Advice

urlAdvice from a Committed Baseball Student-Athlete to a Top-Level DIII Program

We were able to ring our gold bell this week for another committed baseball student-athlete. This time it was for Ben Favreau who committed to Kean University in New Jersey. Kean has been an NCAA Tournament regular by dominating the New Jersey Athletic Conference since 2005 and they won the Division III crown in 2007.  Ben also shared with us some advice for future recruits.

How did NCSA help you during this process?

NCSA helped me tremendously in guiding me through the recruiting process from all of their available information on their “Recruiting 101” section of their website, to the live webinars and most of all, being able to have direct contact with NCSA coaches to answer questions that I had or my parents had.

How did you handle all the college camp and baseball showcase invites that you received?

I have to give a lot of credit to my mom who did a lot of research for me finding out about camps, clinics and showcases. There were a ton of them out there and I was pretty overwhelmed. We decided that we would only attend camps and clinics at schools that I wanted to attend, even though I received a ton from schools I wasn’t interested in. There were many expensive showcases that had multiple colleges at one event, and I went to a couple of those, but didn’t feel that I was really getting looked at. When I went to the individual school camps and clinics, it gave me the opportunity to meet the head coaches one on one, and get great coaching advice that was very useful in future events.

How did you balance your time in order to accomplish all of your priorities academically, athletically, socially, and for your recruiting?

It wasn’t easy balancing everything. Junior year was a really tough year for me with academic pressures and testing pressures. I gave myself a goal of an 89% overall average because we read somewhere that if I achieved that, there might be a chance for me to get academic money for school. I didn’t reach that goal, but I came close. I think if I didn’t set that goal though, my grades would’ve been a lot worse. I worked really hard, physically, like I never did before. I basically didn’t let up until, actually, this past September. I’ve had a few weeks of downtime, but now I’m back at it hoping to help my varsity team win sectionals this coming season.

I can’t thank you enough for providing me with all of your valuable advice and information that I would never have had had I not joined NCSA. One thing I’ve definitely learned in this whole thing is that nothing is “a given”, so I still have to earn a starting spot on my varsity team and I still have to earn a starting spot on the Cougar roster next year at Kean, so that’s where my head is at right now. Thanks again, Coach Liles, to you and your team at NCSA.

We are anxious to continue to watch Ben’s future progress and hopefully he can help the Cougars take home another title!

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